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How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Improv

Regardless of how often I tell myself that I need to prepare for sessions well in advance, I still find myself finalizing session details seconds before I drive my car to run the game. I’ve written how procrastination has fueled … Continue reading

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Post For StufferShack.com – Steal This NPC: Brother Laurence

I was recently asked to contribute an article for Stuffer Shack, and decided to use their Steal This NPC model to further illustrate my previous post on using NPCs as questing hubs to build your campaign world. Please visit Stuffer Shack … Continue reading

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Dungeon Master Definition (Part II): Ambushes & Destiny

In Part I earlier in the week I discussed recent communications with other gamers on Twitter, which led me to question the role of a Dungeon Master. I wanted to use an encounter I created last year as an illustration of some … Continue reading

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Dungeon Master Definition (Part I) – Chefs & Menus

Last week, I posted a quick tip on Twitter (which is a device I blatantly stole from SlyFlourish) on running encounters: I thought it was a fairly harmless suggestion. The intention was to encourage DMs to be aware of the objects … Continue reading

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Ride The Rails Like A Rockstar

The question of whether a DM should force the party along rails or allow them to stomp around in a sandbox continues to be addressed. The topic was discussed heavily in a blog carnival last year, and most recently this … Continue reading

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