Ego Check: Jennifer Steen of Jennisodes

There are an amazing array of available podcasts devoted to roleplaying games. One of the podcasts you should have in your rotation is Jennisodes, which is the creation of Jennifer Steen. With almost 100 episodes, Jennisodes offers a fantastic collection of interviews with a variety of movers and shakers in the RPG universe. I was able to turn the tables a bit on the creator of Jennisodes as she spoke with me about working on the podcast, developing her own game and whether or not she’s planning to take over the world.

Thank you for agreeing to spend some time with me. You’ve been recording the Jennisodes podcast for over two years now with 90 episodes and counting. Before we begin, congratulations on that accomplishment! How did you get started with the podcast in the first place, and how did you decide on the interview-style format for each episode?

Thanks! It has been a busy but very rewarding two years. I started recording Jennisodes after the Trapcast podcast ended in late 2009. Once the show ended I found myself wanting to get back on the airwaves and podcasting again. The Trapcast was a co-hosted show with 4 members and we always had issues scheduling the recording sessions. I decided on doing an interview-style show because it worked with my schedule and I could line up guests weeks in advance. Over the past four years I have learned so much about gaming and the community and I wanted to give something back. I noticed that there wasn’t a podcast that strictly did interviews and this was a way to get more voices heard, from game designers to players and editors.

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