Ego Check with The Id DM – Episode 48 – Allison Spence

Allison Spence
Allison Spence

Allison Spence joins me to talk about her early career as a journalist that resulted in her diving into a variety of difficult subject matters. She shares her views on the importance of emotional intelligence, and details how her work in journalism led her to  Thompson Coburn LLP, where she is currently the Senior Marketing Communications Manager.

She discusses her work for nearly 400 lawyers at Thompson Coburn LLP, and the challenges of getting a message to “stick” in the crowded, chaotic digital landscape. She offers a variety of suggestions for individuals and organizations that are looking to market and promote themselves, and details how technology has advanced rapidly in recent years to enhance her ability to connect with an audience.

Given that so many these days are attempting to grow an audience – whether that’s the number of followers on Twitter, Instagram, You Tube or Twitch or people willing to support a Patreon or Kickstarter campaign – I think the discussion with Allison is extremely applicable to members of the roleplaying game community and beyond.

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