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Understanding Self and Other

In recent weeks, I have been asked for input from others in the online community about certain topics. It has been fun to communicate with other bloggers on their ideas and contribute in any way possible. I wanted to direct … Continue reading

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Ego Check: Tracy Hurley of Sarah Darkmagic

One of the blogs that assisted me during the early stages of forming an identity as a Dungeon Master was Sarah Darkmagic. The author’s description of her process of taking on the DM role and its many challenges was inspiring. … Continue reading

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Critically Hit by Mike Shea

I had the pleasure of talking about Dungeons & Dragons and several psychological components of roleplaying games with Mike Shea for the Critical Hits Podcast. You may know Mike Shea from his popular blog, Sly Flourish. Long-time readers of this … Continue reading

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Transtheoretical Model: Are You Ready For D&D Next?

Am I ready for a new edition of Dungeons & Dragons? It is an interesting question because – at the moment – I am very content with the 4th Edition campaigns I am either running or playing. I’ve been playing 4e … Continue reading

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Diffusion of Responsibility & Open Playtesting

I am convinced the concept of diffusion of responsibility saved my life. About 10 years ago, I was swimming in the Gulf of Mexico with my later-to-be wife while on a cruise. I am a notoriously bad swimmer but in … Continue reading

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Discussing Optimizers With Misfits

I recently had the pleasure of being invited on the Level Up podcast hosted by the fine folks at Roving Band of Misfits. I cannot thank them enough for asking me onto the show. The focus of the episode is Character … Continue reading

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How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Improv

Regardless of how often I tell myself that I need to prepare for sessions well in advance, I still find myself finalizing session details seconds before I drive my car to run the game. I’ve written how procrastination has fueled … Continue reading

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Role for Initiative

Last week, I wrote about how I often fall into a variety of traps that limit the amount of roleplaying during combat encounters. One such trap is focusing on poor die-roll results. Combat in Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition is … Continue reading

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Iddy Approved: Pen & Paper Games

Ideally, the DM receives help organizing the game, but one of the biggest challenges is finding players. Other than direct referrals from players already participating in the gaming group, the best source for new players I have found is – … Continue reading

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Roleplaying Failure

“I missed again? Uh! Sonnofa . . . !” Failure in the form of rolling poorly is unpleasant. It can lead to irrational behavior, such as conducting research to determine if a specific d20 is faulty. It can drain the … Continue reading

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