My Patreon Campaign: Who’s Coming With Me?

In recent months, I have experienced several things in my personal and professional life that have provided additional clarity as it pertains to my creative efforts with the blog. That sentence is incredibly vague, but the summation is that my job and health seem to have stabilized to the point where I can spend more time on creating content. I started The Id DM over five years ago – and while the content has ebbed and flowed – the goal has been to write articles that I could not find anywhere else. Gathering an audience over the years has been rewarding, and I hope new people find the site as my plan now is to write more often once again.

One thing that helps me to produce more content is to play games more frequently. I’m now running a monthly D&D campaign based off the material in Curse of Strahd. I already started to provide some thoughts on increasing player character relationships for such a campaign and adding props to bring the introductory adventure to life at the table. I am also involved as a player in other games such as a Game of Thrones adventure with a solid group of gaming friends, so it seems like I’ll be rolling dice more frequently. Playing and running games keeps my mind working on RPG dynamics, and that typically leads to more articles.

Another thing that motivates me to create is accountability; and this is an issue that I have sidestepped in the past. The blog has always been a leisure activity for me; a hobby. I have a full-time job that I love; I am dedicated to the people I work for and those I provide therapeutic services to each day. At the same time, the desire to create outside the realm of work is strong. Long before the blog, I created an Onion-like newsletter for my roommates and I during graduate school just for fun. I enjoy generating ideas and making them a reality. Getting feedback about articles through comments on the site or mentions on Twitter provides reinforcement to write something new and thought-provoking. At the moment, the only person I’m accountable to for producing more content is myself.

And that is something I want to experiment with going forward.

Starting today, I’m launching the above Patreon campaign for The Id DM. I’m doing this for multiple reasons. First, I’m genuinely curious to learn if some people are willing to support my efforts to write more often about gaming, psychology, and popular culture. Second, I have flirted with launching a Kickstarter or Patreon for years. I’ve had conversations with other creators about their projects and have sent drafts to some folks to get feedback on my ideas for a crowd-funding campaign. I’m tired of flirting with the idea and being anxious with questions like . . .

Should I do this?  I should focus on other things in my life.

Will anyone even care? I’m not a big-name game designer or anything.

What if no one supports it?

Are people going to be annoyed because I already have a job, and I’m asking for money?

It’s time to just move forward and find out. If the campaign does not go anywhere, then I can tell myself that I tried and keep going along as I have been since 2011. No harm done. At least I can say I tried it once and for all! Third, I want some accountability. I want a deadline. I want to know that people actively support the blog and expect an article each week. I want to be fueled by folks asking questions and giving me feedback about my ideas for content.

What are those ideas?

The first order of business is to return to writing more consistently. I have already started to do this in preparation for the Patreon campaign. As reminder, all of the content on this site will remain free. A successful Patreon would mean that I would create more content and maybe even start other projects including:

Interview Podcast. I have a couple of guests lined up, but don’t have the know-how or equipment to properly record. This is something I want to remedy going forward as it would be fun to take my Ego Check interviews and conduct them verbally instead of posting transcripts in an article form.

Interactive Streaming. My pie-in-the-sky idea is to build a call-in show while I’m playing a game like Hearthstone and take questions about gaming and/or self-help. Like the old television show, Frasier.

The Id DM Book. I don’t imagine in my wildest dreams that the Patreon will reach this level, but it would be fun to collect, edit, and repurpose my best articles into an attractive book for people to own.

To everyone that has ever read one of my articles, thank you. If you have ever commented on an article in the past or shared it on Twitter or Reddit, thank you. I hope you continue to stop by to consume the new content. If you can spread the word about the Patreon I’m working on, then that would be much appreciated!

And if you are willing to consider supporting me through the Patreon, then may you roll 20s until the end of your days!