Iddy Approved: Sidekick Quests

Today’s installment of Iddy Approved highlights a product that can be purchased for a reasonable amount, which will make the owner the talk of any gaming group. I am speaking of a Player Character Sheet designed by illustrator, James Stowe.

In recent weeks, I have fallen into a new hobby of commissioning artists to illustrate the blog’s mascot, Iddy the Lich. After Grant Gould created the original design for Iddy, the next person to draw Iddy the Lich was Brian Patterson from d20monkey; as a side note, if you’re not following his webcomic every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, then shame on you! Most recently, Cat Staggs tackled Iddy with greater realism and exchanged the original design’s “cuteness” factor with a healthy dose of horror.

I commissioned James to create a Character Sheet for Iddy the Lich in his DND for Dads style, which has been retitled Sidekick Quests. I gave him full reign in terms of design and only provided a few minor suggestions for possible loot; I mean, the d6 Staff has to be featured in the loot! The result of his fine work was posted earlier today at his site, ART by STOWE, as the conclusion to the Undead Week for his Advent Calendar of EVIL. If you are unfamiliar with his work or the Advent Calendar of EVIL, then please check out his site. Each character sheet is a blast to read and the art has a fantastic whimsical quality. Read on below to see his take on Iddy the Lich and learn more about his commission work.

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Iddy Approved: Fourthcore Alphabet

A detailed review of Fourthcore Alphabet follows, but I believe my thoughts can be summarized effectively with a visual representation. First, look above at Iddy the Lich. He’s the mascot for my blog. He’s cute, he’s cuddly and you just want to pinch his cheek and squeeze him.

Now, take a look at Iddy the Lich after he spent a few hours reading through Fourthcore Alphabet.

"You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

Good god almighty! Iddy has been forever changed!

I had previously commissioned the viciously-talented Cat Staggs to draw an image of Iddy the Lich, and I received the art just a few days ago. I’m scared of the image above! Many thanks to Cat for taking on the project, and as luck would have it, the image is a perfect representation for my review of Fouthcore Alphabet. The review below is structured by the questions a DM may ask before committing to the product.

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Iddy Approved: Pen & Paper Games

Ideally, the DM receives help organizing the game, but one of the biggest challenges is finding players. Other than direct referrals from players already participating in the gaming group, the best source for new players I have found is – without a doubt – Pen & Paper Games. Below, I discuss why Pen & Paper Games is so useful in another installment of Iddy Approved.

A common issue for gaming groups is player turnover. The players in my group over the past two years have ranged in age from early-20s to mid-40s. That age range is not the most conducive to consistent periods of free time. Players have multiple commitments, including (but not limited to) their education, family and occupation. Forming a gaming group of five or more players is a challenge. But keeping that group together for an extended campaign is damn-near impossible.

It is often on the shoulders of the DM to organize and schedule gaming sessions. It is helpful if the DM enlists another player in the game to assist with campaign management and organization. The percentage of DMs who host is likely high, but I have the good fortune of playing in the awesome game room of one of my players, AJ (who has his own blog, Dungeon Maestro. Continue reading “Iddy Approved: Pen & Paper Games”

Iddy Approved: Dragon Chow Dice Bag

I’m introducing another new segment of the blog, which is titled Iddy Approved. These are products that I’ve either purchased from a vendor, or a free tool that I have used often in my role as a DM or player during a campaign. The first product to be reviewed in this series will be the new dice bag I purchased from Dragon Chow Dice Bags.

Long time readers of this site may remember my interview with the owner of Dragon Chow Dice Bags, Lyndsay Peters. In the interview, Lyndsay discussed how she developed the idea and started the business:

I started making them because I was really tired of going to the gaming store and only finding dice bags that would tip over and had a fabric selection that I just didn’t find appealing. I know gamers like to personalize things, and I knew I could make something to serve that interest. This is why I also do custom orders. I just love it when I get a custom order bang on. There’s nothing better than knowing there’s a happy geek in the world because of you.

When thinking about buying a dice bag from Dragon Chow, I inquired if I could get a bag with Iddy the Lich, my blog’s mascot, on the fabric for the bag. She told me it was certainly possible and she worked up a few options for me. The final product is exactly what I wanted, and it forced my old dice bag to retreat and weep tears of despair.

The Dragon Chow Dice Bag is seven D&D books high.

Below, I review specific details about the bag and why it’s something that you would be proud to own.

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