I’d like to thank several people, some of whom don’t even know me. Thanks to . . .

Penny Arcade, for jogging my memory about the fun that is to be had while playing D&D.

Jeffrey, for answering an email and inviting me to play D&D for the first time in many years. And later allowing me to take the DM reigns with his gaming group.

Dwarven Forge, for making an amazing product, which gave me the confidence, “Hey, if my first game as DM sucks, then at least the prison break I constructed will look cool.”

AJ, for inviting me into his home/family for another gaming group, offering his many years of experience to guide me through my own ongoing campaign, and providing me with such a kick-ass pallet to work with when running games.

Jim, Tiff, and the other players in my campaign that continue to attend and bring their personality and spirit to bear on the tasks at hand while giving me feedback about my role as the DM.

SlyFlourish, NewbieDM, and Sarah Darkmagic, who have (unknowingly) provided me with so much advice and assistance with my current campaign and DMing skills.

NewbieDM (again), for giving me the chance to contribute to his site, and giving me the bug to write more about D&D.

The She DM and The Angry DM, for responding to my posts on Twitter, offering moral support, and giving me the question to ponder, “If I were to start a blog, how would I fill in the blank for The _____ DM?”

Grant Gould, for contributing his amazing talents to the art on this site, and talking to me until 5 o’clock in the morning whenever I see him about Y: The Last Man, Star Wars, and every other nerdy topic one can imagine.

Emily, my wife, for letting me dabble in a variety of hobbies and side projects, and generally putting up with me on a consistent basis!

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