Ego Check with The Id DM – Matt Dixon on Illustrating Hearthstone

Matt Dixon talks about his career as a freelance illustrator and his work in digital spaces leading to his work with Blizzard. He talks about starting on the World of Warcraft TCG and how he got hired again for the Goblins & Gnomes expansion in Hearthstone. He has been a contributing artist to Hearthstone since … Continue reading “Ego Check with The Id DM – Matt Dixon on Illustrating Hearthstone”

Climbing to Legend & Managing Anger in Hearthstone

It’s the 31st of August, and I have only a few hours remaining to reach the Rank of Legend in Hearthstone. Once Thursday turns into Friday the season will reset, and it’s back to the beginning of the Ranked climb. For the past week or more, I’ve been bouncing between Ranks 3 and 5. Last … Continue reading “Climbing to Legend & Managing Anger in Hearthstone”

A Hoard of Hearthstone Videos

As I return to playing tabletop roleplaying games more often, I have also been experimenting with creating videos about Hearthstone. In recent weeks, I’ve posted four different videos to my YouTube channel. I may start to stream while playing (if I ever get a computer worth a damn), but for now I’m tinkering with how … Continue reading “A Hoard of Hearthstone Videos”

Hearthstone Session #4 – Father Gabriel, Silence Priest

My last video focused on Netdecking and one piece of advice I offered was that it is useful to go online and find out what decks are currently competitive in the Ranked format. This time around I decided to go 180 degrees and create a deck that I have yet to run across as a … Continue reading “Hearthstone Session #4 – Father Gabriel, Silence Priest”

Hearthstone Session #3 – Netdecking

When I first started to play Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft more often, I sought out advice on how to improve my skill in the game. The popularity of Hearthstone has resulted in many outlets to learn about the game, which I will detail in a later post. One option for players is to look at … Continue reading “Hearthstone Session #3 – Netdecking”

Hearthstone Session #2 -Managing Anger & Making Friends

In February, I climbed as high as Rank 4 in the Ranked ladder format in Hearthstone. It is – by far – the most success I have had on the ladder, and it likely boils down to three primary reasons. First, I am playing many more games in recent weeks, which has given me a clear … Continue reading “Hearthstone Session #2 -Managing Anger & Making Friends”

The Hearthstone Sessions #1

Several months ago, I wrote two articles as an introduction to the online competitive card game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. The first addressed the potential benefits and consequences for new players attempting to learn the game while the second offered some advice on how to approach the various game modes that are currently available. It … Continue reading “The Hearthstone Sessions #1”

Navigating Hearthstone Game Modes

I started to write about Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft earlier in the week to offer my thoughts on what it is like as a new player attempting to jump into the game. While I have tried to absorb information from a variety of websites, podcasts, and professional streams, I imagine that other players experimenting with … Continue reading “Navigating Hearthstone Game Modes”

Well Met? Hearthstone & Social Comparison Theory

I started to play Hearthstone more frequently this summer. I downloaded it last year and experimented with the gameplay, but ultimately felt that SolForge was a more interesting experience. Over time I lost interest in SolForge and allowed the Hearthstone app on my iPad to get dusty, but my interest was renewed when Hearthstone became … Continue reading “Well Met? Hearthstone & Social Comparison Theory”

Ego Check with The Id DM – Episode 37 – Jase Nolan

I’m joined this week by Jase Nolan, also known as CinderAscendant on Twitter and Twitch. Jase talks about his style of preparing and running Dungeons & Dragons sessions. He shares how he got started casting Hearthstone matches, and how the skills learned in “Talkstone” help him narrate elements of a D&D session. He speaks to … Continue reading “Ego Check with The Id DM – Episode 37 – Jase Nolan”