Ego Check with The Id DM – Stacy King and Andrew Wheeler on Dungeons & Dragons: Wizards & Spells

Stacy King
Stacy King
Andrew Wheeler
Andrew Wheeler

I’m joined by Stacy King and Andrew Wheeler, two of the minds responsible for the wonderful Dungeons & Dragons Young Adventurer’s Guide series. They talk about the latest entry, Wizards & Spells, and detail how they took the vast magical information in D&D and organized that into a clean framework for young readers (and us creaky adults!) to absorb. They talk about the joys of creating new Legendary Characters for the D&D universe and how choices were made to highlight specific spells and magical items.

Stacy and Andrew speak about their contributions to all books in the series and explain how the books fit together to form a coherent and warm invitation to all readers to play D&D. They respond to the glowing reception the books have received by an audience ranging in age, and briefly mention plans for the next two books in the series. These books are a treasure for any fan of D&D!

I previously had the pleasure of interviewing Jim Zub about the Young Adventurer’s Guides, so certainly check out that episode as well if you missed it when it first released!

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