Rolling Out 5th Edition

Yavin assisted with game preparations.
Yavin assisted with game preparations.

After years of development and playtesting, the next edition of Dungeons & Dragons is upon us. My initial impressions of the free-to-download Basic Rules and Starter Set were favorable, and I was eager to play a few sessions with the new rules. After deciding that I would dust off my Dungeon Master screen and run the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure, I needed to find an intrepid group of characters. I had the privilege of leading five players through the first major delve described in the Starter Set. What follows are my early thoughts on running the new rules and Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure over the course of an epic, 10-hour session with a specific focus on character creation, combat speed, combat presentation, and character death. Specific details contained in the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure are avoided, so players awaiting a chance to play the adventure can read further without having a future gaming experience spoiled.

Character Creation

Each player ignored the pre-generated characters included in the Starter Set and created their own. While I was organizing a few last-minute details before the session got underway, the players helped each other create and finalize their character. It was a fun process, although it certainly took a good chunk of time as each player was searching for different rules at different times. A few people stumbled with the different modifiers and when they should be applied. For example, a weapon proficiency bonus is added to attack rolls, not damage rolls. The Passive Perception, Saving Throw, and Skills also took some time to calculate. I imagine (and hope) the Player’s Handbook will be more organized for character creation than the Basic Rules approach.

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But Now Here You Are, And Here I Am

Dragons! Dungeons! Onward!!

It has been approximately two years since I last played Dungeons & Dragons. I have supplemented my lack of D&D goodness with other roleplaying games such as Blade Raiders and Star War Edge of the Empire, and fun distractions like SolForge. But now that the next edition of D&D is alive and finally a real thing, I am quite excited to dive in, kick the tires, and butcher any number of metaphors while discussing the rules – and hopefully many future gaming sessions to follow.

During the past few days, I have read through some of the Basic Rules, which are available for free, and the Starter Set Rulebook. The following observations are from the perspective of a player and Dungeon Master that truly cut his teeth on 4th Edition, which may make me a bit of a rarity. And they are also made having not played the game yet. I am eager to try the rules and see if my initial impressions are accurate – or completely misguided. Below, I write about a few rules that caught my attention – for better or worse.

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