Can The Id DM Be Your RPG Site of The Year?

EDIT: I want to thank everyone who visited Stuffer Shack and voted for The Id DM. With your help, I was able to move on to the final round. My fate – along with four other fantastic sites – is now up to the judges. Good luck to everyone remaing in the contest, and thank you again for your support!

As a winner of Stuffer Shack’s Site of the Month in June 2011, I was entered in their RPG Site of the Year contest. The contest is running each day this week and features a healthy dose of blogs you should be visiting. The Id DM appears in today’s list of finalists. If this is your first time to the site, then you check visit a recent one-year anniversary summary of my work.

If you feel so inclined, then I would appreciate it if you could click on the SOTY image (pictured right) and vote for The Id DM. However, the main reason you should visit Stuffer Shack to check out the contest is the variety of blogs nominated. I was not aware of all of them before and I’m glad they are featured in the contest. There are many talented people blogging out there, so check out their work! Congratulations to all of the blogs nominated.

While you are visiting Stuffer Shack, you can read two articles I wrote for their site. The first is a detailed background of Brother Laurence of the Chizoba Sect for their Steal This NPC series. In retrospect, my work on Brother Laurence for the column was a precursor to the No Assembly Required monster series. The second article discusses cheating in roleplaying games and suggests how DMs can understand and prevent it from occurring at the table.

Finally, Stuffer Shack has some wonderful products that can be used for roleplaying games. Our homegames use some of the products, including the various markers and mount miniatures.


About The Id DM

The Id DM is a psychologist during the weekdays. He DMs for a group of fairly loyal and responsible PCs every other Friday night. In the approximate 330 hours between sessions, he is likely anxious about how to ensure the next game he runs doesn't suck.
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