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Ego Check: Tracy Hurley of Sarah Darkmagic

One of the blogs that assisted me during the early stages of forming an identity as a Dungeon Master was Sarah Darkmagic. The author’s description of her process of taking on the DM role and its many challenges was inspiring. … Continue reading

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There And Back Again: Traveling to Middle Earth

I just spent two weeks in New Zealand. That is a sentence I never thought would be factual. Since watching The Lord of the Rings many making-of documentaries, I’ve always wanted to travel to New Zealand to visit the wondrous … Continue reading

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No Assembly Required – Durgauthbalavoar, Ghost Dragon

My monthly monster-building column, No Assembly Required, has once again returned to This Is My Game as the site has been taken over by Randall Walker and Tracy Barnett. They are eager to maintain and improve the site, so I am excited they will … Continue reading

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