Let The Speculation Begin!

I was once again fortunate to be invited on a podcast this week, but this time it was to discuss the next edition of Dungeons & Dragons on Dice Monkey Radio. To begin, if by some chance you are learning on the new edition for the first time through this site, then I’m quite honored! Second, I originally planned to gather all of the news and reactions to the announcement in one post but Jeremy Morgan at Stormin’ Da Castle has already done that quite well. Check out his site if you need to get caught up or determine if you’ve missed anything in the flurry of activity since the news was announced on Monday morning.

It is an exciting time to be a fan of D&D, and it was excellent to join in on the Dice Monkey Radio podcast to discuss the next edition and begin speculation. I was able to join Tim from Dice, Food, Lodging, Jenn of Jennisodes, Michael of Online Dungeon Master, Gary of GMSarli Games and host, Mark of Dice Monkey.

It was great to hear reactions from more-experienced players and DMs than I, and I was able to ask some questions about the evolution of game mechanics. I found myself feeling the need to “defend” 4th Edition. Not that anyone was bashing the current edition (not at all), but 4th Edition is what brought me back to gaming after close to a 20-year break. It’s always going to reside in a soft spot in my heart, and I truly believe it has some fantastic features going for it that hopefully make it into the next iteration of D&D.

It’ll be my first exposure to “edition wars” moving forward since I haven’t played D&D at a time when one edition transitioned to the next. It should be very interesting! I enjoy my 4th Edition campaigns and those will continue. In addition, I will keep writing about 4th Edition and general D&D and role-playing game topics moving forward. Next week, I will focus on the concepts of change and responsible as it applies to the new edition of D&D.

But enough about me, go listen to the episode!

3 thoughts on “Let The Speculation Begin!

    • We’ve had a great time playing 4e over the past two years, and we’ll certainly continue those campaigns. I’m curious to see what they do with the new edition (or iteration or whatever they refer to it as) in the future.

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