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I Am The Entertainer, And I Know Just Where I Stand

The players are at the table to win. The DM is at the table to entertain. The statements above seems stark and cold, but – for me – it rings more true than false. I have often wondered about the role … Continue reading

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Iddy Approved: Sidekick Quests

Today’s installment of Iddy Approved highlights a product that can be purchased for a reasonable amount, which will make the owner the talk of any gaming group. I am speaking of a Player Character Sheet designed by illustrator, James Stowe. In … Continue reading

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No Assembly Required: Hoarfrost Goblins

My monthly column for This Is My Game has posted for December. The column, No Assembly Required, features a monster that can be inserted into a Dungeon & Dragons 4th Edition campaign. Each monster in the series includes comprehensive information including Origin, … Continue reading

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