Do You Know Your Role?

My article next week will address several combat-related issues. Before that time, I compiled preliminary data to obtain feedback from readers. The following tables were created by coding the powers for three character Classes found in the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Character Builder.

To code the information, I went through each power (At-Will, Encounter, Daily) and coded the type of Status Effect it could apply to an enemy (or enemies). For example, if a power caused an enemy to be knocked prone and dazed, then the power was coded to have 1 Prone and 1 Dazed Effect. If a power did not apply a Status Effect, then it was coded as a 0; however, I have removed the zero values in the hopes of creating a table that is easier to view and understand. After each power was coded, I totaled the Status Effects by Tier (Heroic, Paragon, Epic).

For example, the first table below states the character has a total of 40 possible Status Effects that can be applied with the various powers (At-Will, Encounter, Daily) available during Heroic Tier. Obviously, a player cannot choose all of those powers, but this presents the options that are available. Of those 40 Status Effects available in powers during Heroic Tier, one causes an enemy to be Blinded, five cause the enemy to be Dazed, and so on. The values in each Tier are independent from the previous Tier. For example, the four powers that create a Dazed effect in Paragon are independent from the five powers that create Dazed in Heroic.  

As a prologue to next week’s column, I would like to see if players and DMs can correctly identify the Role of the three characters presented below. Please take the time to look at the tables below and determine if the results were created from a Leader, Defender, Controller or Striker.

Please leave a question in the Comments below if the tables are unclear, if you have thoughts about the data or how you arrived at the answers.

And please return next week for the results!





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The Id DM is a psychologist during the weekdays. He DMs for a group of fairly loyal and responsible PCs every other Friday night. In the approximate 330 hours between sessions, he is likely anxious about how to ensure the next game he runs doesn't suck.
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7 Responses to Do You Know Your Role?

  1. Michael Lee says:

    I made my guesses without referencing any of the source material.

    #1 looks like a controller. It could also be a melee striker based on the number of powers that make the opponent prone. I went with Cleric, however, because Dominate is not common in the heroic tier.

    #2 is probably a Paladin, because my experience has been that they have the most powers that mark.

    I suspect that #3 is a Rogue because of the daily that makes the opponent unconscious (Knockout Blow or something like that). It’s a fairly unique power and one that sees play at my table.

  2. quirkydm says:

    Without referencing any material, I made my guesses. #1 has a few marking abilities, which make me disregard the controller. And with only 2 marking abilities, defender seems less likely. Leader or striker seem possible. I’m not sure leaders have that many status effects, so I went striker.

    #2 is defender- look at all the marking effects.

    #3 I went controller. There are a lot of stun, daze, slowed and prone. Though I see there is a single marking power there, so maybe it should be striker instead.

    It’s hard to pick leader for most of these- they generally don’t affect other monsters as much, but maybe that’s the whole trick behind the quiz!

  3. TheSheDM says:

    Really interesting, I look forward to the results.

  4. The Id DM says:

    Quirky and She, thanks for stopping by. There is no “trick” to the quiz. 😉 I was curious if people could identify the Role by the “power profile.” I would have a difficult time with it!

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  6. Wayne says:

    I would have liked to have known how many powers produced no effect at all – just a straight up high damage strikes. After all, high damage attacks inflict the most important status condition of all: dead.

    #1 is a wizard or cleric. IIRC those are the only three with dominate in heroic tier (bards also have a heroic dominate, but they can a have a remove. so it’s ruled out).

    #2 is some kind of defender, again, the marks seem to give it away. Although it may be some kind of leader that grants marks (warlord?)

    #3 has a rather random assortment, i’d guess striker.


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