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Power Options, Status Effects & Mutual Assured Destruction

Last week’s Legends & Lore column by Monte Cook discussed issues related to rule complexity. Many have suggested in that past that 4th Edition is too complex, which is one of the primary reasons for combat encounters grinding to a … Continue reading

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Do You Know Your Role?

My article next week will address several combat-related issues. Before that time, I compiled preliminary data to obtain feedback from readers. The following tables were created by coding the powers for three character Classes found in the Dungeons & Dragons … Continue reading

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Role for Initiative

Last week, I wrote about how I often fall into a variety of traps that limit the amount of roleplaying during combat encounters. One such trap is focusing on poor die-roll results. Combat in Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition is … Continue reading

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Iddy Approved: Fourthcore Alphabet

A detailed review of Fourthcore Alphabet follows, but I believe my thoughts can be summarized effectively with a visual representation. First, look above at Iddy the Lich. He’s the mascot for my blog. He’s cute, he’s cuddly and you just want to pinch his cheek … Continue reading

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Iddy Approved: Pen & Paper Games

Ideally, the DM receives help organizing the game, but one of the biggest challenges is finding players. Other than direct referrals from players already participating in the gaming group, the best source for new players I have found is – … Continue reading

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Roleplaying Failure

“I missed again? Uh! Sonnofa . . . !” Failure in the form of rolling poorly is unpleasant. It can lead to irrational behavior, such as conducting research to determine if a specific d20 is faulty. It can drain the … Continue reading

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Ego Check: Scott Fitzgerald Gray, Freelance Editor and Designer for Wizards of the Coast

Over the summer, I ran my group through the first adventure in Tomb of Horrors, and it was an enjoyable experience for everyone that culminated in our departing Paladin (leaving town for graduate school) sacrificing himself so the party could … Continue reading

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