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Leveling the Party

During my last game as everyone’s favorite Dragonborn Rogue, J’hari Wrex, our group played for approximately 10 hours. As the session concluded around 3AM, I asked if we had enough experience to level up. My DM informed me that I just made it to … Continue reading

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Game Night Blog Carnival: Cribbage

Welcome to another Game Night Blog Carnival!  This is a recurring feature Roving Band of Misfits is running once each month with numerous roleplaying-game blogs.  Visit their site for more information about the blog carnival initiative. The previous entry in … Continue reading

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Iddy Approved: Dragon Chow Dice Bag

I’m introducing another new segment of the blog, which is titled Iddy Approved. These are products that I’ve either purchased from a vendor, or a free tool that I have used often in my role as a DM or player … Continue reading

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Introducing RPG ATTACK

I started The Id DM after being motivated by a lack of data on combat encounters in Dungeons & Dragons, 4th Edition. There was a great deal of discussion about the length of combat in 4e but no real numbers … Continue reading

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Podcast, Podcast! Hear All About It!

A few links that I’d like to share today. Both of them are podcasts, and both of them discuss this site to a certain extent. The first is a recent interview conducted by Flagons & Dragons. You may recall my … Continue reading

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Speeding Up Combat: Attack & Damage Rolls

While preparing to playtest an upcoming Fourthcore adventure, I searched for methods to quicken the pace of combat and other elements of the game that rested on my shoulders. I knew the party would face a difficult challenge to complete the … Continue reading

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Ego Check: Anna Kreider of Go Make Me A Sandwich

I have been an observer of numerous discussions about sexism in gaming in recent months. My plan was to write a post about the subject, but I could not decide on a specific theme for an article. I did not … Continue reading

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