Many Thanks

My homebrew campaign in the World of Cydonia reached an epic finale this month and as the players crossed into the Paragon Tier, I told them, “Now I start to get a bit more mean.”

But before that meanness takes over, I wanted to post a quick note to thank every reader of my articles since I started the blog back in March. It has been quite enjoyable to share my thoughts about playing D&D 4th Edition and receiving feedback. The early positive responses spurred me on to keep writing, and I look forward to generating further content.

I wish to thank Stuffer Shack for honoring me with their RPG Site of the Month Award for June 2011. I had the pleasure of contributing articles on the subject of cheating and a detailed background on a major NPC in my campaign to their site. Their site features many great products that we have already incorporated into our games.

In addition, I’m thankful for becoming listed on 4eBlogs. It has certainly brought more eyes to the site, and that is much appreciated. If you are not following the articles that are routinely posted on 4eBlogs, then you’re missing out on the latest and greatest the online D&D community has to offer. Last, thank you to Roving Band of Misfits for including me in their Game Night Blog Carnival. If you missed my first entry, which describes Dutch Blitz, then check that out. The game is a riot!

I have several articles in the works for the coming weeks, including a couple of longer-form Ego Checks that should be a good read for people. I am always open to feedback, and if you have subjects or ideas you’d like me to discuss, then please leave a comment below. Once again, thank you for cruising around to the site and I hope you can stop by every so often to check out new content. I will keep throwing stuff up here!


About The Id DM

The Id DM is a psychologist during the weekdays. He DMs for a group of fairly loyal and responsible PCs every other Friday night. In the approximate 330 hours between sessions, he is likely anxious about how to ensure the next game he runs doesn't suck.
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One Response to Many Thanks

  1. Tourq says:

    We’re glad The Id DM joined the gaming community, and look forward to more of your posts…

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