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Fountain of Sorrow: Solo Contest Winner

Last month, David Flor over at A Walk In The Dark sent out notice that he was running a contest. The challenge was for DMs to create an encounter for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition with a Solo monster. David listed … Continue reading

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Magic Item Dispersal: New Players, Old Problems

I ran into a situation recently where a player pointed out the discrepancy between the levels of magic items possessed by the characters that have played in the campaign from Level 1, and two characters that just joined the group … Continue reading

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Post For – Steal This NPC: Brother Laurence

I was recently asked to contribute an article for Stuffer Shack, and decided to use their Steal This NPC model to further illustrate my previous post on using NPCs as questing hubs to build your campaign world. Please visit Stuffer Shack … Continue reading

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Guest Post by The Ultimate DM: Power Gaming Insight & History

I enjoyed reading a recent article by Robert J. Schwalb on the effects of power gaming and optimization at the table. I responded to the article in the Comments with the following: My goal is to find a good balance of PCs … Continue reading

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