Before The Id DM – Reader Contribution at NewbieDM

Before opening this site, I had been lurking around on a variety of blogs and Twitter benefiting from the knowledge, advice and discussion from the online D&D community. Several months ago, I approached NewbieDM with an idea for a post for his site. He agreed to let me submit a post for his site, and decided to accept it and post as a Reader Contribution.

The post detailed a process for creating an in-world newsletter that summarized important current events and NPCs for players in the campaign. If you missed the post back in January, then please visit the post above at NewbieDM for the information, a PDF example of a newsletter from my campaign, and a ready-to-steal Microsoft Publisher file that you can use to develop stories for players. The Comments to the post also detail how Google Docs can be used instead of MS Publisher to create a similar newsletter for your campaign. My thought process on creating the newsletter also meshes well with my previous description of world-building posted a few weeks back.

I previously thanked NewbieDM for agreeing to post the article. The process of writing the article was very enjoyable, and it motivated me to start my own site. It has been great to get The Id DM up and running. It feels like the site has existed for a while now, but my first post went up just over one month ago. I appreciate all of the feedback from readers thus far, and thank everyone for checking out the site!


About The Id DM

The Id DM is a psychologist during the weekdays. He DMs for a group of fairly loyal and responsible PCs every other Friday night. In the approximate 330 hours between sessions, he is likely anxious about how to ensure the next game he runs doesn't suck.
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4 Responses to Before The Id DM – Reader Contribution at NewbieDM

  1. boccobsblog says:

    You wouldn’t know that your site is new or that you’re new to the blog game, as your content is top notch. Keep up the great work.

  2. Morgoth says:

    It’s much tougher to tell from his in Game treasure though…. *Cough* Higher level stuff..*Cough*

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