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Ego Check: Jeff Gupton of Blackbyrne Publishing

The following article is the first of two new features I will be adding to the blog this week. In what I hope is the first in a series of interviews with various players, gamemasters and other members of the roleplaying-game community, … Continue reading

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Brainstorming Solo Monsters: Bayonetta

“I’ve got a fever, and the only cure is more dead angels!” Solo monsters and the way they play in D&D 4e have been on my mind lately. First, I ran a small set of encounters that culminated in the party … Continue reading

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Stages of Group Development

The topic of group development and dynamics has been at the forefront of my mind during the past week for two reasons. First, the group I DM has undergone some challenges this year. Two players had to drop out entirely because of … Continue reading

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Before The Id DM – Reader Contribution at NewbieDM

Before opening this site, I had been lurking around on a variety of blogs and Twitter benefiting from the knowledge, advice and discussion from the online D&D community. Several months ago, I approached NewbieDM with an idea for a post … Continue reading

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The “Nightmare” Scenario

While working on this Friday’s upcoming campaign session, I had some communications back and forth with Brannon Hutchins about a campaign David Flor played in recently. By the way, follow the links above and check out both of their sites, which always have excellent … Continue reading

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Vampire Lifestyle

I observed the recent “controversy” online about the release of the new Heroes of Shadow book. Players and DMs were discussing how the design choices in the book affected the ongoing debate regarding 4th Edition and Essentials. While I recognize the opinions on both sides, the … Continue reading

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Dungeon Master Definition (Part II): Ambushes & Destiny

In Part I earlier in the week I discussed recent communications with other gamers on Twitter, which led me to question the role of a Dungeon Master. I wanted to use an encounter I created last year as an illustration of some … Continue reading

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