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Move Action: Are Gamers Unfit?

There was quite the stir over a recent post on Dungeons and Dragons and Dads, which featured commentary from a father who was concerned about encouraging his children to participate in roleplaying games and the culture that surrounds them. Please … Continue reading

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Build A Better Arena

Strip away the rules and combat mechanics. Take away the character-build and monster-creation options. Stop rolling dice and moving miniatures around the table. Now, look around . . . What remains is you – the DM – sitting down with a … Continue reading

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Losing My Miniature Virginity

Today, miniatures I painted for several PCs in my party were featured on Robot Viking. First off, thank you to Robot Viking and those that frequent their site who decided to come over to check out this blog. Second, I’d like to briefly … Continue reading

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Ride The Rails Like A Rockstar

The question of whether a DM should force the party along rails or allow them to stomp around in a sandbox continues to be addressed. The topic was discussed heavily in a blog carnival last year, and most recently this … Continue reading

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Analyzing Combat Encounters – Returning to the Penny Arcade/PvP Podcast Series

Introduction Numerous voices are currently discussing the resting mechanics and speed of combat encounters during D&D 4e games. More specifically, the problem addressed is the sometimes agonizing length of combat encounters and how it can drain the momentum from an … Continue reading

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Allow Myself to Introduce . . . Myself

Hello, Thank you for seeking out/stumbling upon this site.  I am looking forward to writing about my experiences with Dungeons & Dragons, 4th Edition (D&D 4e). The majority of posts will focus on the task of running the game as the … Continue reading

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